Webinar: The New Brand Growth Blueprint for the Digital Age

As brands transform into digital platforms, there is a need for a New Brand Growth Blueprint. One that challenges all our preconceived notions about how to build, market and sell our products and services. We need a more holistic view of our business, our consumers and the immediate, incremental and long-term value our brands provide.

In this webinar, Paul Miser, our CEO and Co-Founder, and John Dubois, CEO of AI software company O360, look at how technology enables an experience and a relationship with consumers and what business leaders need to consider when building a new blueprint for a brand’s evolution into a platform.

As you watch, there are a few other things to consider when preparing your new Brand Growth Blueprint:

Business Modeling: Not only do we need to have a product or service that works, we need an end-to-end view of our brand and business to understand where our holistic value and revenue opportunities are within that experience. We need to completely understand who our audience is, what we truly offer them and build an integrated Brand + Business relationship to fulfill that value proposition across the organization and audience base.

Market Development: In today’s saturated marketplace, we can’t be singularly focused on simply acquisition or adoption. We must measure ourselves against consumer lifetime value. We need to become exclusively obsessed with maintaining and retaining our current client base.

Consumer Experience: The efficacy of a product or service is just the foundation of repeated purchase decisions. If the efficacy falters, so will the sales. However, there is a new kid in town affecting purchase decision. It’s the consumer experience. Building a holistic experience between the brand and consumer that not only connects touchpoint to touchpoint through product usage, but also learns and grows along with the relationship.

Commerce Modeling: An extension and crucial aspect of the consumer experience is the way consumers purchase your product. These models might include subscription, freemium, recurring or single moments of purchase. Connecting the dots between purchase and consumption will make it easier and more effortless for a consumer to be a part of your brand.

Communications: It moves beyond a campaign mindset to an always-on mentality where we’re continually telling a story and engaging with our community. Understanding that acquisition is only the first step in a long-term relationship with consumers, is critical to the success of the Brand + Business Growth. Listening, learning and growing these relationships will not only provide opportunities for repurchase, but will also create added value moments, brand loyalty and the holy grail, brand advocacy.


The most valuable and popular brands are platforms. They put their consumers in the center of every decision they make. Successful brands integrate their products, services, communications and relationships. And they use this integration as the driving force to their business.

Apple not only creates a seamless experience with their products, but their service is second to none. They know their consumers and continuously add value to their relationships across their physical and digital experiences. Apple looks at the lifetime value of each consumer, not just acquiring new consumers. And their recent turn over of $1 Trillion in market value proves they're on to something.

Spotify knows the power of their platform is listener use and engagement. Retention and expansion are the metrics they live by for brand growth. Acquisition is secondary. By fully understanding the listener, they create playlists, advertising and exploration options that are extremely valuable to each individual listener. All of which keeps the listener engaged and loyal, while turning them into Spotify advocates.