Our CEO & Co-Founder Paul Miser, and John Dubois, CEO of AI software company O360, discuss how to build the right tech stack, consumer research through AI, big brands attempting to build platforms, and more.

Marie Berry, our CSO & Co-Founder, moderates the discussion.


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Prior to founding Chinatown Bureau, Paul was a serial intrapreneur in the advertising space. He spent almost 5 years at Hudson Rouge leading the digital, mobile, and marketing platforms and experiences team to support the rebranding efforts of the Lincoln Motor Company. Paul’s success can be seen in several award-winning campaigns like Hello, Again Beck 360; Lincoln’s Music Selfie Experiment; Aloe Blacc’s Music Uncovered Interactive Video; the Lincoln Way mobile app; and many vehicle launch campaigns.

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John is Co-Founder and CEO of O360, a SaaS platform that leverages focused machine learning and natural language processing technology. Through this, O360 delivers actionable customer and product insights derived from millions of publicly available consumer comments. Prior to joining O360, John was managing partner and CTO of Ascendant Technology, later purchased by Avnet Technology Solutions. John brings a vast knowledge in technical arenas married with a keen eye for business.

How platform brands like Spotify & Apple use tech for brand growth.

The most valuable and popular brands in the world are platforms. They see things from a different angle and act in a new way. They put their consumers in the center of every decision the company makes. They integrate their products, services, communications and relationships in a consistent and expansive way. And they use this integration as the driving force to their business.

Apple, which just turned over $1 Trillion in market value, does an amazing job at this. Not only do they create a seamless experience with their products, but their service is second to none, they know everything about their consumers and continue to add value to their relationships across their physical and digital experiences. They look at the lifetime value of each consumer, not just acquiring new consumers.

Spotify knows the power of their platform is listener use and engagement. Acquisition is definitely a secondary metric for their brand growth. Retention and expansion are the metrics they live by. By fully understanding the listener, their behaviors and trends, they create playlists, moments, advertising and exploration something that is extremely valuable to each individual listener. All of which keeps the listener engaged and loyal while turning them into advocates.

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Chinatown Bureau is a Digital Product Studio & Consultancy focused on achieving brand growth through technology. Brands are more than advertising. We transform them into digital platforms.

Companies we’ve helped grow are both Fortune 500 companies and late stage startups, such as Novartis, Beats by Dr Dre, Ford, OpenFin, innogy and the City of New York.