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We’ll be your guide. 



What we do

CHINATOWN BUREAU is a new kind digital consultancy. Bridging the gap between agencies and management consultants with strategy, business modeling and design. We guide our clients through their company's digital transformation. 

With a bespoke team of senior consultants, we help our clients solve the biggest digital challenges facing their business, from building digitally focused business models, to defining and building digital products and platforms, to launching new products and services with digital at the core, to building end-to-end consumer experiences. Digital Transformation is here. We'll be your guide.

How we do it

Our engagements range from week-long Transformation Workshops to long term partnerships. Together, we break out project plans into a series of sprints to bridge the gap between today and tomorrow. Executing immediately while planning the future, where we help discover the problem, define potential business models, prototype and test, then design the solution.. This is Rapid Digital Transformation.  


One combined team across organizations with equal investment in specific measures of success.


Transparency, honesty and a shared ownership in the success of the engagement.


Nothing arbitrary, we're able to pivot together with shifting business or environment priorities. Prototypes over presentations.


Design and strategy that are relevant, proprietary and create business advantage.


We solve real world business problems,
in real time.



The only way to find the right answers is to ask the right questions. Questions are things that we can all understand and agree on. The answers are where true change starts to happen. Some questions we’re getting asked right now?

  • How do organizations prepare for digital transformation?
  • What does changing retail mean for our business?
  • How can we create a new business model for the future?
  • How do established organizations disrupt?
  • How do we build our brand experience to truly fulfill its promise?
  • How can we design a better marketing organization?
  • How do we launch a new product or service?


Get in our heads.


Every week, the members of CHINATOWN BUREAU get together and discuss a specified topic effecting our industry. The conversations get pretty heated at times, but the outcome is always something special. POSITIONS is the result of the conversation sent to you every week. 


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We love meeting new people. Whether you're a daring partner or looking for a dynamic place to work, drop us a line. 

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