Case Study:

See how we transformed a traditional Automotive OEM into a leading mobility company.



How do we transform our business from auto manufacturing to leading in mobility?

This challenge is a big one. At its very essence, we’re looking at a twofold problem - one: how do we grow value within the core business value of producing and selling cars; two: how do we find new product and service values to build net-new revenue streams? This is no easy feat and something that won’t happen overnight.

By 2020, connected car shipments are expected to hit 84 million units.


Shift our mindset from Ownership to Membership. Doing this creates a new value proposition for both passengers and drivers.  

Shifting mindsets starts a new dialog. It forces us to have a holistic view of all consumer journeys within transportation - not just that of a driver. It allows us to identify and solve pain points while redirecting long seated expectations consumers have with businesses in these journeys.

The strategy and implementation manifested into new service offerings, revenue streams and markets while delivering a technology roadmap to prepare the brand for whatever the future of auto may be.




Consumer mobility behavior is changing, leading to up to one out of ten cars sold in 2030 potentially being a shared vehicle and the subsequent rise of a market for fit-for-purpose mobility solutions.
— McKinsey



Create value propositions for members, not just owners.




We delivered a detailed Brand Experience Strategy that enabled the company to start the journey towards mobility leadership.

Brand experience strategy: An overarching strategy for the business as it evolves from ownership to membership.

Driver and passenger user journeys: Specific user journeys by traveler type.

Experience strategies: Specific strategies and value propositions for traveler type.

Data modeling & platform development: Understand how data is used and what platforms are needed to fulfill the strategies.

Tech roadmap & enablement: Prioritize the features and implement a tech roadmap to enable the strategies.

Service design & business modeling: Develop digitally-driven services and business models to capitalize on trends and fulfill the strategies.


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