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Preparing for Retail 2025


Retail 2025 may sound like a strategy for the future. But in retail, the future is happening right now.

Retail 2025 is an exploration across industry, consumer behavior and technology to identify and understand the trends effecting the growth of retail today - and tomorrow. Together, we’ll define the new retail landscape, identify the key behavioral trends to lean into and craft a new perspective and approach for your retail strategy.

What you’ll find:

  • The New Retail Landscape 

  • 5 Behaviors Changing the Face of Retail

  • Enabled by Technology 

  • Retail 2025 Strategy

  • Retail Leader Action Plan

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Retail Leaders in 2025 will experience massive growth by delivering a holistic, progressive experience for each of their consumers by adding value through creating environments of ease or excitement by leveraging emerging technologies like never before.
— Paul Miser

The future is now.