Monetizing brand experience design.

Companies that instill a Brand Experience Design mindset in building their brand <> consumer relationships are becoming the leaders in their segment - simply by understanding their consumer and intentionally building the journey towards a purchase - and a relationship. 


Brand Experience Design is a company’s intentional design of the journey their consumers take to do business with them. It’s a holistic view of the consumer’s relationship with a brand - while mapping out the details of how that relationship comes to life over time. The ultimate goal of Brand Experience Design is to not only capture the attention of a consumer, but navigate them to become a loyal customer - on their terms and around what matters to them. However, the complexity of today’s communication and experience marketplace is often fragmented and disconnected from online to offline and from bot to human.

Establishing the framework for a successful Brand Experience Design would give a company a differentiated advantage with their consumer and connect their experience with commerce.

$98B left on the table every year by companies who fail to provide experiences that consumers will find ‘simple’
— iPerceptions

While Brand Experience Design looks at the holistic view of the consumer journey, companies need to craft targeted experiences for specific purposes across this journey - that connects the online to offline in a way that only their brand can. 


Consumers are in an ‘always on’ exploration mode with fingertip access to social, editorial and brand content. On the other hand, consumers are spending less time in retail outlets, minimizing the amount of physical exploration they are performing. Exploration is a crucial step for a consumer to become educated on a product, understand if it will solve their problem and if it will fit within their lifestyle. Brand leaders are finding new ways to connect the online with the offline to fulfill the needs of the consumer’s exploration phase of their shopping. 


As consumers are exploring for products and services to fill their specific need, they are slowly building a profile of who they are, their preferences and their desires. More and more, consumers are expecting that companies know these preferences as they start to engage with them about a particular purchase. This engagement goes beyond a mass engagement to a personalized one - providing new value to the consumer. 


There are many different ways for consumers to transact in today’s marketplace. Each transaction setting their expectation for all others. From the One Click purchase on Amazon to Instagram’s new ecommerce interface to Dirty Lemon’s Text-based transaction, the way a company creates a transaction for their consumer is, in itself, an experience. This phase is the most directly related to commerce and is becoming a key deciding factor for a consumer purchase - now, later or drop-off.


Delivery and logistics are becoming a major driver for purchase decision. With Amazon Prime offering same day delivery and companies like Casper finding new ways to deliver bulk items, consumers are looking for a combination of immediate gratification and ease. No longer do consumers want to go to destination retail only to find out how to get their purchases home. They want to purchase and have - not purchase, wait, deliver, set up, have.

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