Our approach.

We ask the right questions. We work in sprints. We bring in the best people for the job.


How we do it.

The consumer is the most important thing for business growth. Every action we take is to make it easy for them to become and stay a customer for your business.

This human-centered approach feeds our strategic thinking and creativity to solve your business challenges. It aids in asking the right questions to find the core of a problem. It builds empathy for the journey in a consumer’s life. It creates a clear path to make your business more efficient, effective and, ultimately, successful.

Business challenges move at the speed of culture. Solutions need to move faster to stay one step ahead.
— Paul Miser, CEO / Co-Founder

The right questions.

There is tremendous power to the perfectly crafted question. 

Questions arise curiosity. They demand focus and creativity. They get the brain juices flowing. To answer a question, reality and imagination need to work side-by-side in a collaborative and collective manner. Our strategies are no better than the questions we ask.




Growing up digital, we have an affinity for getting things done quickly and in a focused agile manner.

That’s why we break every project plan into bite-sized, two-week sprints. This gives us the ability to not only craft the future, but also execute today. We’ve heard our clients say, “Our company needs to act more like a startup.” Chinatown Bureau delivers that reality through our agile process and methodology.



The best person for the job.

We have a network of the best talent on the planet.

Depending on the needs for your challenge, we bring the best person for the job. Whether it’s a developer that is also a world-renowned jazz pianist or a user experience designer who moonlights as an acrobat, your project will be a success because of the curated team we establish for your specific challenge.




Jobs to be done.

Each stakeholder or customer we’re solving for has a specific job to be done at a specific mindset and behavior. Our strategies help them get it done.

Prototypes over presentations.

Sure, PowerPoint is a fun program if you like clipart. But, we’ve found it’s more efficient and effective to jump right into prototypes.

Robot helpers.

Robots don’t have to be scary. They can be extremely helpful when gathering and modeling data, tracking a project process and even helping us humans collaborate.

One Team.

We never hide from our client partners. We work as one team - in the trenches and in the boardroom.