The one thing to kickstart your brand growth

Over the last few weeks we’ve been talking a lot about brand growth and how former disruptor companies are continuing to scale by leveraging a New Brand Growth Playbook. One that focuses on becoming a Brand-driven Business, understands the Brand Growth Stack and leverages the entirety of their company to fulfill the brand

The thing is, these growth phase disruptors have the same basic elements of every company in the world. They have a brand, a vision, goals, human capital, technology, data, supply chains, distribution networks, etc. But they have that special sauce, that swagger that ties it all together to activate these elements for growth.


If you find yourself in a place where your brand is stalling or starting to decline, you have to make a shift to move the needle in the other direction. And that shift isn’t necessarily new technologies, a new brand, new employees, or new products or services, it’s something more fundamental. 


Shifting your perspective is the one thing that you can do right this second to kickstart your brand growth. The reason disruption is happening and these disruptive companies are now becoming sustainable growth models is they started or pivoted to a different perspective on every aspect of their business. 

  • They understood the needs, desires and wants of their consumers in a way that not only allowed them to develop a product or service to fulfill these needs, but were able to build a brand that fulfilled it’s promise. 
  • They look at every aspect of their business from operations to processes to employee retention to marketing to user experience through the lens of their brand to make sure everything is consistent. 
  • They focus on the lifetime value of their customers and strive to build a relationship. They don’t just look for the next acquisition, but make their entire existence in serving their consumer and community. They've moved from a campaign to an always-on mindset.
  • They use technology to streamline workflows and engage their consumers in a more efficient way. 

This list can go on. But the thing is, these disruptive startups and business models don’t have a commoditized competitive advantage in the marketplace. They have the same resources as any other company. Their competitive advantage is simply their Perspective. 

The one thing you can do today is to shift your perspective on what your business is all about and how you can best serve your consumer. The rest will fall into place. 

How can changing your perspective change your business? 

Paul Miser