Brand-Consumer Relationships Have The Power To Change The World

We all have a voice and a power to act, but together we are stronger.

Over generations, change has come from determined individuals coming together for a specific cause. If something needs to evolve, it’s us as humans that make that change happen. We connect with like-minded people to refine our voice, make it stronger and louder, give it more power all to build a new world and new reality. We lean on each other for support, for guidance and for inspiration. We each play a role, but as a collective we are stronger than going it alone.

As business organizations, we’ve been building on this synergy since we started. At its essence, a company is nothing but a grouping of like-minded individuals trying to make a difference according to the business mission. But what has changed is, we now live in an extraordinary world where we can bring our consumers along in the conversation too. We can break down the walls of our organization and let others in. Our community and our voice together is one that can drive extreme change. Make sure that the change is aligned with your values and authentic to who you are and your consumers will join.

The digital transformation that has been happening over the last decade (thanks iPhone, Facebook and Twitter) has made it easier to have a voice and to connect with those in our tribe. But as external frustrations mount, consumers have been using their voices and actions where they feel they can make the most impact. And that is with their wallet through defecting and boycotting certain businesses. This type of consumerism has created many challenges for companies where the transparent values of an organization don’t match with the consumer audience. A scary proposition for companies, but a major opportunity as well.

It creates a world where doing good is good for business too.

This trend shows that by creating values and purpose as a company to align with the consumers, we have an opportunity to make change on a bigger level. The companies that are doing this right (e.g. Tom’s Shoes, Warby Parker, etc) have created an immersive, co-created culture with their consumers that, together, brings massive change. These businesses have found that together with their consumers, they are not only a stronger company but also have the power to scale these co-created values that may not have had an opportunity to scale before.

It creates a world where doing good is good for business too.


Paul Miser