Retail Strategy

The future of retail is happening right now - at the intersection of Strategy + Technology.



Retail landscapes have only just begun to transform. Looking toward Retail 2025 gives businesses the power to capitalize on trends today and tomorrow. 

The idea of retail and commerce has gone from malls to an omni-channel world where digital leads the way. In the age of the Marketplace, strategy, brand and presence mean more than ever before.

We work with our clients to build retail strategies for the future. And the future is now. 

75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that recognizes them by name, recommends options based on past purchases, OR knows their purchase history.
— Accenture


Experience strategy

Technology has transformed how consumers shop and buy. Why are we trying to force them into old experiences? 

We work with our clients to identify their business objectives and goals then deliver appropriate experience strategies by consumer and by retail channel. We help make sense of e-commerce, mcommerce brick & mortar and Marketplace to ensure your business is being as successful as possible.

Consumer journeys

No two consumers are alike. So why should we treat everyone the same?

Understanding the consumer journeys by audience type allows us to model pathways towards transaction. We identify the data needed to build these models then direct the journey to or through the appropriate platform for purchase.



Marketplace strategy

The age of Amazon and Alibaba is here - and it’s changing consumer behaviors daily.

Not only do we understand the current state of marketplaces, but we also understand the behaviors and sentiment of the consumers on these marketplaces. We leverage this data to best understand how to position your products and services on each marketplace platform the most effective way.

Click & Mortar

Consumers are always a tap away from a purchase - whether they’re in your store or not.

We guide our clients to embrace this fact to deliver experiences that satisfy their consumer needs - both in-store and out. We help them break down internal and third party silos to keep the consumer in focus at each moment of interaction.


Our approach.

We ask the right questions. We work in sprints. We bring in the best people for the job.