Business Modeling

Leveraging technology to fulfill your business strategy. And make more money along the way.

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Most disruption happening in traditional industries isn’t because of technology alone - but the business model they create with technology. 

Companies can increase revenue by 34% relying on digital-first strategies.
— IDG's 2018 State of Digital Business Transformation



Consumer Journeys

It seems that every business these days has a consumer journey map. But how do you use it?

We develop or dig into the consumer journey to fully understand where the industry and business pain points are and what expectations consumers have at key moments. This information gives us the firepower to build strategies that generate incremental or innovative value for your consumers.

Experience Strategy

The challenge with traditional organizations is the legacy. Legacy silos, technology and processes hinder the adoption of digital business models.  

More and more, consumers are looking for a seamless and connected relationship with the businesses they buy from. We help define this relationship through holistic and audience-focused experience strategies.



Business Model Development

Digital businesses have transformed the expectations of value for consumers. 

With the experience strategies developed, we can now craft new business models. This includes identifying new value propositions, distribution channels, new markets, revenue streams and offerings.

Technology Enablement

Value is delivered at many consumer touchpoints. Technology is not only delivering this value, but connecting each interaction.

To deliver digital business models, we need to make sure the digital is ready for prime time. We help determine, build and source the right technology stack to enable the new business model and experience strategy.




Implementation is where the success truly happens. Without it, we don’t change.  

Implementing new business models requires organizational acceptance, departmental support and internal service design. We help clients execute new business models through detailed and effective playbooks.

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