At Chinatown Bureau ever day becomes a big day.
— Paul Miser, CEO & Co-Founder

Our principles are epic

ENERGY flows when you dare to dare. So we put our words into action and build novel products that are new to industries.

PASSION comes not only from the inside, but from actively putting love and time into expanding our skills. So we dedicate a half hour every day to learning.

INTEGRITY is paramount to a culture of inclusion. That’s why our team includes people from all over the world, bringing a range of personality types and viewpoints.

COMMUNITY is created when we evolve together. It is our mission to get to know new startups, talent and partners and connecting them.


Every Chinatown around the world holds the belief that tomorrow is better than today. That’s the spirit at Chinatown Bureau.
— Marie Berry, CSO & Co-founder


Prior to founding Chinatown Bureau, Paul was a serial intrapreneur building teams around innovative digital marketing, always-on brand content publishing, emerging media and innovation, and digital product and platform strategy and development. Working on clients like Lincoln Motor Company, Novartis Healthcare, Colgate-Palmolive, LG & Xerox, Paul’s work has been recognized globally by Cannes Lions, the Clios, the Webby's, the One Club and the Effie Awards.

Paul found his way to NYC from Missouri via California, and finds his energy through meditation.


Marie has built teams, strategies and processes for brands like Adidas, Chanel and Ford Motor Company. Prior to founding Chinatown Bureau, Marie built multiple WPP agencies, including spearheading digital operations for Chanel in China and Ford’s communications strategy across 14 markets in APAC. After moving to the US, Marie led a team devoted to rebranding Lincoln Motor Company.

On the weekends, Marie host “Cracked Egg” brunches to share ideas with other thought leaders. Marie was born in Bolivia, raised in Germany, lived in 6 countries and speaks 5 languages.

The team

we have incredible talent from all over the world - from brazil and Japan to germany and mongolia - collaborating and challenging each other to accelerate our clients’ brand growth.

Want to join our team of future-minded cool people?