Our clients are more than clients. We are partners and both active participants. Our clients' openness to challenge and be challenged has created success for their consumers, brands and business. It's an ongoing collaboration that continues well beyond a project launch. We're here with you for the long haul.


Chinatown Bureau exceeded our expectations in establishing a “new face” for OpenFin that is crucial for success in the next phase of our business. They provide a very strategic, creative and personable approach to our company. The resulting rebranding, product strategy and website refresh created new momentum for the company, our partners and our clients.
— Mazy Dar - Global CEO, OpenFin

Case study: LIncoln Motor company / Brand as a platform

The need to shift from an auto brand to a mobility brand. How do we do that?

Build a brand as a platform that includes service, product, and consumer experience around various consumer journeys.


  • Research & Audience Development
  • User Journey & Service Design
  • Data modeling
  • Platform Development (Backend, data, website, mobile application)

We built Lincoln Way, which became a conduit and entrance to the Lincoln brand and their vehicle, service & mobility offerings.

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Case study: BUILD A Digital Platform

How can we empower 70,000+ monthly users to implement brand guidelines correctly?

Build an internal platform that houses all brand rules, guidelines and content, and eases accessibility to users.


  • Persona Development
  • Product Strategy & Roadmapping
  • User Journeys & Product Design


  • Increased user adoption
  • Increased brand compliance
  • Decreased help desk requests

Case study: OPenfin / Brand Redesign

How can we take business to the next level and create an industry-leading brand and message?

Build the OpenFin brand as a platform that is consistent across design, experience, marketing and product.


  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Voice Creation
  • Website design / Development
  • Product Strategy / Design


  • Industry accolades and press mentions
  • Increased understanding of the brand
  • Increased exposure in the marketplace

Case study: nycx CHallenge / City innovation

The City of New York challenged the industry to find solutions to replace all gas-powered vehicles in NYC.

By combining Hardware, Software and Services, we built a scalable AND user-centric e-mobility network that manifests in curbside charging poles, 5 Community Hubs and a Flagship Hub.

Chinatown Bureau was named a finalist in the NYCx Challenge to spur the adoption of Electric vehicles.

The combination of Hardware, Software and Services showcases how tech can be leveraged as a means to drive cultural change. Our end-to-end mobility experience brings innovation to the masses.

Case study: PERsONA Development

Launch a brand awareness campaign with a limited budget and limited information on our target audiences. How can we best define our audiences to engage the right people?

In partnership with o360, we used machine learning to identify audience details (demographic, personality, behavior, psychology) and build detailed global personas and regional variances.


  • Data modeling
  • Conversational mapping
  • Audience definition
  • Persona development


  • Defined 5 core audience segments across 4 global Regions
  • Built media targeting data points by segment & region
  • Identified growing audience opportunities